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RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat in Thailand helps you embark on that journey towards feeling well again

RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat in Thailand helps you embark on that journey towards feeling well again

If you’ve gotten off-track lately, Bangkok’s new one-of-a-kind world class wellness oasis with doctors, physicians, physiotherapists and nutritionists will get you back on it

Only 45 minutes from Bangkok stands a new destination for health lovers who want to take time to restore life’s balance. RAKxa is located in Bang Krachao, a lush, pristine green area known as The Green Lung of Bangkok.

RAKxa helps you embark on a new journey of being well, and is a place where advanced medical sciences are integrated with holistic wellness for preventive health treatment.

The term rakxa in Thai language, means to preserve or to heal, which parallels the inherent concept of this project that has been launched in partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic (the anti-aging clinic of Bumrungrad International Hospital) with the aim of creating a fully integrated wellness and medical retreat.

Just 45 minutes from central Bangkok

Holistic wellbeing is taken beyond the completeness of treatments and programs.

At RAKxa, the guest will get the integrated experience of a true wellbeing journey of living well, eating well and resting well. In addition, the undeniable touch of soothing comfort combined with warm hospitality and service is what makes a stay here very much different than just going to a hospital.

Each villa features a simple design focusing on serenity to allow each guest to fully know themselves better, decorated with stylish Thai silk from Jim Thompson.

Its function and design focus on health and safety, while the landscape comes with a Botanical Wellness Journey concept, surrounded by lush trees and a lake to calm the mind and let nature radiate its healing power.

The green area of the centre is inspired by the scent of flowers in the air and the majestic view of Bang Krachao, which is ready to welcome guests to an experience of a lifetime.

Pool villa

At RAKxa, guest health and wellness profiles are analysed by medical doctors to offer comprehensive time-honoured healing programs such as traditional Thai medicine using the royal palace’s medical knowledge from King Rama II’s era, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda.

VitalLife medical doctors work alongside experts at RAKxa’s Holistic Wellness Centre to create a fully-integrated personalised wellness programme.

RAKxa has 10 different programmes available that range from one to 14 days in length, such as Detox, Destress, Immunity Booster and Facial Solution, all of which are tailored around individual results and doctor consultations.

RAKxa’s treatment facilities are grouped into three main zones, each of which has a specific health focus.

At the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic, guests will find a wealth of technologically-based equipment, including an oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber, an infrared sauna used for detoxification, and cryo-sauna, cold therapy which takes the surrounding temperature down to about -140°C for a period of three minutes, thereby increasing circulation and metabolism, and decreasing pain from injuries.

RAKxa JAI building is the retreat’s holistic wellness centre, where revered ancient traditions of healing work in tandem with modern methodologies.

The Ayurveda techniques include yoga, pranamaya, and shirodhara, which involves a liquid such as oil, milk, or water poured onto one’s forehead.

Healthy eating

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and gua sha (skin scraping), while the Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) includes warrior massage, tok sen (hammer massage), and herbal compress treatments.

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Also of note is the Energy Medicine, which includes crystal healing, chakra balancing, and singing bowl treatments.

The third on-site health zone is RAKxa GAYA, which is referred to as a medical gym because of its diagnostic approach. Unlike a regular gym, the Olympic-grade machines here are designed to assess guest stability and balance, as well as analyse everyday movement and posture.

GAYA medical gym

The results are then interpreted by a staff of movement specialists, physiotherapists, and wellness trainers who create bespoke training plans that blend results-oriented, corrective exercises, both modern and traditional.

Also the neurotraining techniques which make the guest think as they exercise, which provides a workout for both the body and the brain.

What sets RAKxa apart from other wellness retreats is that it begins with a diagnostic overview, medical lab tests and evidence-based physical assessments.

Guests receive a comprehensive proposed plan of action for optimising their health in the best manner possible. Whether guests have pre-existing conditions or are just looking to maintain overall well-being via meditative or body-strengthening means, the programmes at RAKxa (which can range from one to 14 nights, depending on guest’s health goals) can effectively help guests on their wellbeing journey.


By integrating wisdom and health practices together, this one-of-a-kind retreat is a ground-breaking destination that is firmly establishing Thailand as a top-ranking, world-class medical wellness destination.

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