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Ola Hale Restaurant & Bar is Ho Chi Minh City’s new Hawaiian dining experience

Ola Hale Restaurant & Bar is Ho Chi Minh City’s new Hawaiian dining experience

Located opposite the pink church of Tan Dinh on the border of Districts 1 and 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, Ola Hale Restaurant & Bar is ready to open its doors and serve guests from August 20, 2023.

Beyond a culinary destination, Ola Hale offers a space that immerses customers in the unique experience of Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and warm-island hospitality, all skillfully blending the vibrant Vietnamese and Hawaiian cultures and interior designs.  

Ola means alive or a good wish of health and well-being, while hale means home. In Hawaiian, ola hale essentially means a happy home.

Therefore, Ola Hale Restaurant & Bar is more than a place to just eat and drink, it’s a welcoming home to everyone who visits. It’s where you feel happy to stay and even happier to return.

Whether you’re a businessperson, joining as a family, a member of Gen Z, or part of a group of tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Ola Hale will be there as a warm and familiar home.

Inspired by Hawaii yet made in Vietnam

The journey of Ola Hale began with Christina who was born in Vietnam, but raised in Hawaii. With deep-rooted traditions connecting nature and people, Hawaiians embrace warmth, love, openness, determination, and pride in their homeland.

And that’s why Christina’s bond with her heritage has remained strong throughout her journey.

Having explored the world and established F&B and lifestyle concepts internationally, Christina says that Vietnam is a place for her that felt like coming back home.

At Ola Hale, guests aren’t just served food and drinks, they witness the hearts and souls, and warm welcome into the ola ohana, or family.  

To celebrate culture and to pay homage to the beauty of nature, Ola Hale represents a space that shares the warmth, hospitality, and spirit of ohana to guests in Vietnam.

A tropical blend of old and new

Ola Hale is housed in a ’90s-era four-story house and to honour its history, as much of the old house has been retained as possible, while new spaces have been created, adding details that celebrate Vietnam as well as evoke the essence of Hawaii.

Each floor has its own distinct character. 

On the ground floor entrance, guests can enjoy a refreshing cup of Hawaiian plantation tea, which is reminiscent of how Vietnamese people often welcome guests into their homes.

On the second floor is a dining-focused space, suitable for parties and gatherings for families and businesses.

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A perfectly mixed cocktail in the refreshing evening air on the third floor is an excellent choice for people of all ages to enjoy happy hour together after a long day.

As the city gradually transitions into the night, the rooftop can be reserved for intimate gatherings, beautifully lit with candles and accompanied by cocktails and music.

Hawaiian with a heavenly local touch

At Ola Hale, the dishes reflect the open and multicultural spirit of Hawaii through traditional dishes such as poke, loco moco, Kalua pork, and huli huli burgers right through to uniquely curated cocktails that capture the vibe of the islands with a Vietnamese twist.

A distinctive aspect of Ola Hale’s menu is the localisation of dishes using fresh ingredients and Vietnamese spices.

Ola Hale is confident that each dish offers a sense of familiarity while preserving the essence and soul of Hawaiian cuisine.

Find Ola Hale HERE

Address: 270-272 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, HCMC


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