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Women of the Mekong

Women of the Mekong

Meet the faces of Mango Cruises’ sunset tour in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

words & photos: MATTHEW COWAN


Tours like these are always about the people. Ben Tre — about 90km south of Ho Chi Minh City — has long been recognised for the resolve of its women and the role they play in the family and their communities. As you can see, despite the daily grind, they are still willing to pose and smile for the camera.

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  • Just a reminder to pay attention to the copyright laws for photos in Vietnam. In most instances you need to have police permission to take photos of any building and you still don’t have a copyright. The same rule generally applies to people as well.

    You seem to have claimed a lot of copyrights to materials that you have no right to.

      • Vietnam laws are different than any other country. You essentially can’t get a copyright on any photo. This is a socialist country. The government owns all the property and they will not give you a copyright. They lease the property to citizens in 50 year increments. In Vietnam if you notice in the media everyone copies photos from others anytime they feel like it. And I’ve worked in the newspaper magazine business here for years.
        The law does not recognize copyright on any photos. And you can’t copyright facts, ideas, words. etc. The only thing you have a copyright on in Vietnam is an exact duplicate of someone else’s article.

        My simple point is, if you pot an article with photos. Those photos will show up in the media. People in Vietnam have been copying my entire articles for years and put their name on it.
        Happens all the time.

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