Vietnam 20 Best Bars


1. What is Vietnam 20 Best Bars?

It's an annual list of Vietnam's 20 best bars as ranked by chosen anonymous Bureau "agents" who have a love for bars and who have no financial interest in or affiliation with bars in Vietnam

2. What is the People's Choice Award?

An award for best bar in Vietnam as voted by everyone! There's just one winner and no list associated with this award

3. What does the number one ranked bar receive?

A memento recognising their achievement, including a promotion package with The Bureau Asia to be used within a 12 month period on our channels

4. What do the bars who make the best 20 list receive?

A memento recognising their achievement,  a small feature on The Bureau Asia channels and some pretty damn awesome bragging rights!

5. What does the People's Choice Award winner receive?

Same as 3

6. What are the judging criteria for Vietnam 20 Best Bars?

We don't reveal the specifics, but the judges will be evaluating drinks, service, ambiance and their overall experience

7. How many bars can I vote for in the People's Choice Award?

One, unless you have multiple Google accounts. In that case, you can vote as many times as you have accounts! 

8. What is the definition of a bar for the purposes of Vietnam 20 Best Bars?

A venue where at least 80% of its business is in the sale of cocktails, spirits and wine

9. Do I have to vote for 20 bars?

No. For the People's Choice Award, you simply nominate your favourite bar!

 10. Can bars contact The Bureau Asia to be considered for induction into the Vietnam 20 Best Bars list?

Yes. Email us at

11. When is the deadline for bars to nominate themselves if they want to?

Saturday, October 31, 2020

12. If a bar doesn't nominate itself, does that mean it's not eligible to make the Vietnam 20 Best Bars list?

No. The deadline is in place so that we are aware of as many bars as possible and so that we can make travel plans to visit them if needed

13. When we log in to Google to vote, do you collect any personal information or data?

No, we're not interested in that and we don't have any settings set for that. Your log in simply verifies you and prevents you from voting more than once with the same email account

14. Does it cost anything for bars to participate? 


15. Why are you doing this?

Because we live for bars and hospitality and think that the industry in Vietnam deserves greater recognition and exposure regionally and globally

If we haven't answered your question, don't hesitate to email us at

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