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Vietnam’s food and beverage scene is evolving in so many delicious ways, from street food inspired tapas to coconut worm shots to organic produce from the highlands.

Each fortnight, join The Bureau Chief Matt Cowan and guests as they share industry insights, discover bars and restaurants, and chat to people in the know.

If you’re a foodie, traveller or just wanting to discover the best places to eat and drink in Vietnam and the region, The Bureau Podcast is for you!

Episode 1 – The Bureau Podcast Pilot (29.25)

In our very first episode we chat about what's got us excited in F&B in Saigon the past week or so, we wonder whether we actually care if food is "authentic" or not, the meaning of W.T.F.A.T.B.A.O.F.N. is revealed, and we wonder what ever happened to celebrity chef Bobby Chinn? 

Episode Highlights

Segment 1: Get Excited! (1.00) – It's a segment where we tell each other what bar, restaurant, cafe, drink or food we should all be getting excited about.


What: Malt South's Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Burp Rating: 5/5

Where Can You Get It? Malt South D7, HCMC

Address: 35 Nguyen Luong Bang, D7, HCMC



What: Village Grill's Smash Burger

Burp Rating: 5/5

Where Can You Get It? Village Grill D2, HCMC

Address: 94 Xuan Thuy, D2, HCMC



What: Saigon's newest Ethiopian restaurant

Burp Rating: Untried. Burps pending.

Where Can You Get It? Sara Ethiopian Restaurant D1, HCMC

Address: 283/45 Pham Ngu Lao, D1, HCMC


Segment 2: W.T.F.A.T.B.A.O.F.N. (10.00) – It's a segment where we chat about what's ticking people off on one of Saigon's most popular social media pages dedicated to food.

In this episode we shine the spotlight on the online comments of a Saigon resident who blasts the apparent inauthenticity and taste of the corn tortillas served up by the city's Mexican/Tex-Mex Restaurants, labelling them "disgusting" and suggesting they are way over-hyped! 

After watching the recent Netflix series, the Taco Chronicles, the resident it seems is now an expert on corn tortilla chips (I know what I like goddamnit!) and is adamant he's not wrong in his assessment. Aye caramba!   

Segment 3: What Ever Happened To...? (19.20)  It's a segment where we ask what ever happened to people, trends, places, restaurants, bars, habits or whatever in Saigon.

In this episode, we wonder what ever happened to celebrity chef Bobby Chinn?

And, Mike and Mel fail the quiz!

Segment 4: Who Are You Following At The Moment? (25.25) – It's a segment where we introduce to each other the social media accounts we're following at the moment and give them a shout out.

In this episode, Matt suggests we follow executive chef at the Park Hyatt Saigon, Heath Gordon, on Instagram @heath.gordon (let's help him reach 1K followers!), while Mike suggests Vietnamese-American chef and foodie Minh Tam @tam_le 

As for Mel, she's promised she will follow someone other than Ru Paul and will report back!


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