The Bureau has curated a list of English language podcasts that are produced regularly in Vietnam. The list is growing on topics such as F&B, expat life & the Arts, so there’s bound to be something for you.

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The Bureau Podcast

Vietnam’s food and beverage scene is evolving in so many delicious ways, from street food inspired tapas to coconut worm shots to organic produce from the highlands. Each fortnight, join Matt, Mike & Mel as they share industry insights, discover bars and restaurants, and chat to people in the know. If you’re a foodie, traveller or just wanting to discover the best places to eat and drink in Vietnam, The Bureau Podcast is for you!

Failfighters: Celebrating the Art of Failure

Failfighters was launched in 2019 as a podcast that celebrates the art of failure. The hosts of the show, Carey James and Tomas Svoboda, both interview successful people in their respective fields on the challenges and failures they encountered on the path to success. The mission of this podcast is to gain insight and learn from the failures of their guests, who took those failures and learned from them to become remarkably successful individuals. Guests so far include people from the world of business, startups, finance, sports and health.

Seven Million Bikes – A Saigon Podcast

Seven Million Bikes talks to just some of the people that live here, who each share their individual stories and experiences. Inspired by the people that live in Saigon from all walks of life and backgrounds, Niall Mackay wants to know more about their stories, their experiences and get tips on living in Saigon to share with listeners.

Saigoneer Podcast

Each episode features two in-depth discussions of major news and culture stories related to Saigon, or Vietnam as a whole, as well as an interview with a special guest. With host and editor-in-chief of Saigoneer Mike Tatarski, the panel talks to chefs, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and about more with a strong connection to and perspective on Vietnam.

Creators in Saigon

Creators in Saigon launched in late September 2019 and is hosted by Dana Drahos, an American expat who has been living in HCMC since 2018. The mission of this podcast is to make the world a better place. HCMC is home to the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, hobbyists, advocates, and freelancers who Dana interviews to get their perspective on life.

Sexy Meat Talks

Sexy Meat Talks is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Entrepreneurial Brewer and Pitmaster, Mark Gustafson, and the Bullshit Wizard, Joshua Durkin, who interview industry professionals, restaurant owners, brewers and interesting people related to sexy meat.

Falling Jackfruit

This is a series dedicated to discussing the creative arts scene in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Join host Josh Reid as he talks music to film to theatre and interviews painters, poets and photographers. Falling Jackruit covers the full spectrum of creativity happening here in this vibrant city.

The Quoc Khan Show

Hosted by Tran Quoc Khanh, a TV host & producer living in Saigon, this is a podcast version of The Quoc Khanh Show where he discusses topics, such as startups, technology, innovation, education & more. The podcast includes a mix of episodes in both Vietnamese & English.

The Lotus Talks

Join host Granger Whitelaw along with guest hosts as they deep dive into the minefield of doing business in Vietnam and chat to movers and shakers who are making a difference in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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