Hoa Bia Festival 2019

Shhh! Do you hear that? 

That's the sound of kegs being tapped for Saigon's biggest and best craft beer and cider festival yet – The Hoa Bia Festival 2019 – organised by those craft beer maniacs Rehab Station and Thegoi Moi!

More than 20 craft breweries will be represented at this year's inaugural festival in Saigon, with no less than 16 of those originating from Vietnam! 

To find out which breweries you can get a frothy mouthful of at this year's festival on Sept. 6 & 7, simply scroll down the page to see their logos and background information, including all the other important stuff like dates, festival location, tickets and the official event website link.

The Bureau is a proud media partner for this event.

Drink up (responsibly of course)! 

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Booth 15: Saigon born & bred. Brews big, bold crafted brews that challenge the way you think about beer. Hauled in a bag of medals in regional beer championships in 2018. HoD's feature beer for the festival is their Dream Alone Pale Ale (ABV: 5.7 | 37 IBU)

Booth 31: An American-style craft brewery born in Vietnam in 2012, brewing American-style IPAs, blond ales & pale ales

Booth 12: Danang's only homegrown craft brewery since 2017. Already has a number of brewing gongs to its name

Booth 2: A local brewery whose mission is to share & spread the beauty of craft beer among young Vietnamese & international friends

Booths 19&20: Travels the world in search of the best craft beers & brings them back to Vietnam. Keep an eye out for brands like Stone, Melvin, Founders & Rogue among others at this year's festival

Booths 36-38: Pioneers of craft beer in Vietnam since 2014, offering medium-bitter brews without chemicals or preservatives

Booth 10: Another Japanese craft breaking into the Vietnamese market founded in 1996 in the hills of Nagano in the Japan Alps

Booth 3: The first of its kind, a distinctly unique craft cider brewed & bottled in Vietnam, combining the best of the east & west

Booth 28: Inspired by the beer cultures of Belgium & Vietnam, a hybrid brewed by Belgians, with Belgian know-how, for everyone

Booths 6-8: Vietnamese founded & owned craft beer & cider brewed with natural ingredients, pouring from north to south. Look out for their Acerola Cherry cider!  

Booth 23: The new local kids on the block beginning to mark territory with their big bold Ba Hoa IPA 6.1%

Booth 33: Saigon's first in-house brewery in the centre of the city using premium ingredients from the east & the west

Ground Zero: Crafting in Japan since 1998 using carefully-selected ingredients, including Mt Fuji water, with German brewing techniques

Booth 39: Established in Vietnam, brewing American-style IPAs with Vietnamese flavours served at their taproom in Saigon

Booth 26: Brewing in Hanoi since 2016 with imported ideas but brewed under local knowledge & conditions for local tastes

Booth 13: A brand new-newcomer to Vietnam's craft beer scene, so new, it has no name, well, kind of

Booth 16: Inspired by the idea of classic craft beer but brewed with a twist for the local culture & climate since 2015. Try their White Ale (ABV: 5.5% | 19 IBU), Electric IPA (ABV: 5.8% | 45 IBU) & Serious IPA (ABV: 6.7% | 68 IBU) among others at the festival

Booth 40: Founded in 2015 just outside of Saigon using ingredients that can be traced to origin, including hops from the US 

Booth 17: Brews self-proclaimed Indochine-inspired craft beer with local flavours & concepts, served at their District 1 taproom. 

Booth 4: A proud Vietnamese brand combining traditional brewing techniques with creativity

Booth 32: One of Vietnam's craft beer pioneers, starting with their Jasmine IPA in 2015

Booth 9: Brewers of tasty craft passionfruit & hibiscus ciders brewed from locally-sourced ingredients

Booth 29: Local brewers of fruity, hoppy beers with local flavours brewed traditionally

Booth 11AB: Multiple locations around the city, stocking the most extensive collection of brews in Vietnam. Drop by their booth for a Bơm Vú Đủ Xài Hard Cider (ABV: 6.5% | 8 IBU), a hopped cider with apple, breast milk fruit, papaya & mango!

Festival Map!

 When: Friday Sep. 6 & Saturday Sep. 7, 2019

Where: HCMC Youth Cultural House, District 1

Festival Entertainment Saturday Sep. 7 (Main Stage)

11.00am-4.00pm: Home brewing demonstrations  

4.00pm-5.45pm: Black Lemon

6.00pm-7.45pm: Art Space 

8.00pm-8.45pm: Hem Hem

9:15-10.00pm: The V Poison