Viet is such an appropriate name because he really personifies the Vietnamese spirit.

He was born in Saigon and raised by traditional northern parents who trace their roots back to the central region of Vietnam.

The international guests also find his name so catchy and easy to remember. 

I first met Viet as the Park Hyatt Saigon were the first outlet to bring the iconic digital animation concept of “Le Petit Chef” to Vietnam. Viet was in charge of presenting this concept to the customers at their Square One restaurant and the guests were really impressed with his confident and engaging communication style, helping to make the occasion really fun and memorable. 

Viet is a wonderful communicator who skillfully adapts his style depending on the varied profile of his guests with such skills being developed during previous careers as an interpreter and a tour guide.

Viet has also been able to improve his hospitality skills and develop himself throughout a varied career with the Park Hyatt group.

He has been chosen as a trusted member of several pre-opening team forces which infused him with more of an international perspective on hospitality, teamwork and the commitment required to reach the top.

He shared with us his “FDF” philosophy on hospitality – “Focus, Detail & Fun”.

It’s all about a warm welcome with a genuine smile, paying attention to guests and anticipating their needs, while enjoying his work because this spirit helps guests to relax and enjoy their experience even more. 

Viet is a true foodie who loves to discover varied and international styles of cuisine and has had the opportunity to sample some of the finest cuisines of the world at the Park Hyatt Saigon, but he's equally at home enjoying an iced tea and a wholesome bowl of pho with his family.  – Chris Thompson

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