Hang is from Saigon and was bitten by the hospitality bug when she was at university.

To make ends meet Hang worked at a number of bustling restaurants such as Vikings Buffet and Kebab 101 and at that stage could feel that hospitality was in her blood.

After graduation, Hang joined Kepi, the cool and quirky kids retail chain before segueing back into hospitality with American delicatessen concepts Go Dog and Eddie's New York Deli & Diner and subsequently working her way up to swiftly becoming the managing partner.

Hang has very fond memories of the frantic weeks in the run-up to the opening of Eddie's back in 2018, because that experience of building a team and getting people to work together was an important personal accomplishment that infused her with the confidence needed to handle the variation and pace of this business.

Hang says that her business partner Brad Segal and her staff have shared experiences that have helped Hang develop into the general manager she is today and she appreciative and humbled to be where she is today.  

Hang considers service and hospitality as two separate but related concepts and says:

“Within our group, we are hospitality focused, which for us means a warm, friendly and memorable experience for the customer that they will remember. This requires the entire team from purchasing, accounting, sourcing, the kitchen, cleaners, servers, the entire organisation to be focused around the same mission. Eddies is really focused around creating a hospitality culture. This is not easy to do, but it can be accomplished and the process gives everybody the same goal to work towards. Therefore, this really requires hiring people that have a service mindset and want to take good care of others. We believe that service skills can be trained, but hospitality must come from within. My background is from HR so this has also been one of our strengths in helping us build this culture”.

After a long weekend taking care of her guests at Eddie's, Hang may well be found relaxing with an avocado shake and some spicy Thai food. – Chris Thompson 

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