Bao trained under the expert eye of Harper’s Bazaar Mixologist of the Year Jay Moir before being chosen as part of the crew to open their upscale cocktail venue, Summer Experiment

Mastery begins with humility and Bao was shy to share too much about himself, but conversations with his mentor, Jay, have marked him out as one of the bartenders to watch on the mixology scene in Saigon. 

I was really taken by his 'attitude of gratitude' towards his customers, and while others in our industry yearn for time off during the Tet period, Bao prefers to be serving customers.

He says: “I love spending the New Year’s Eve countdown night with our guests, it helps me to feel really connected with everyone. No matter how young or old, rich or poor, male or female, at this moment of the countdown we are all as one, sharing our hopes and dreams for the new year ahead.

"Guests have many reasons to visit us, but I believe they’re always looking to just chill. Life can be tough, and as their bartender, I always try to bring some joy to them. If they've had a bad day, I can console them. If they've had a beautiful day, then we’ll enjoy sharing in their happiness”.

Bao likes to prepare for his shift with a wholesome tasty bowl of bun bo and after work he’ll enjoy the herbaceous, dark and fruity flavours of his favorite cocktail, the Negroni. He loves shaking up this Italian masterpiece made with gin, Campari, vermouth and topped with burnt orange. – Chris Thompson

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