Anh is from northern Vietnam, born and raised in the beautiful green-tinged surroundings of Ha Nam around the Red River Delta.

The Sino-Vietnamese translation of Ha Nam literally means 'south of the river' and Anh herself has been drawn further south as her career has developed. 

She earned her stripes at two of Hoi An’s most famous eateries, Green Mango and Lantern Town, before answering the clarion call of Saigon. 

Anh was part of the team who opened the authentic and charismatic The Myst Dong Khoi where she was responsible for their Bason coffee shop designed around the theme of the once-historic shipyard of the same name that used to be nearby. 

Anh was then fully prepared to join Vietnamese American master chef Peter Cuong Franklin at Anan Saigon across the way on Ton That Dam Street. 

Anh has been one of chef Frankin's most reliable and valued supporters at his high-end Vietnamese eatery, which has flourished and is now a key reference on the Saigon dining scene. 

Anh believes in going the extra mile and her philosophy is to aim to exceed, not just to meet guest expectations, shoot for the moon and land among the stars. 

Anan Saigon welcomes a high percentage of international guests and Anh believes it's important to be able to adapt their service culture depending on the varying traits of these international guests. 

However, the mission of Anan Saigon is to share their national spirit with the world and Anh's very proud to be showcasing the best of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Her favourite meal at Anan Saigon is a plate of shrimp and pork tacos followed by their signature Black Angus shaking beef with sweet potato washed down with a cheeky glass of Chilean cabernet sauvignon. – Chris Thompson

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