Ask five different people what their definition of hospitality is and you'll probably get five different answers.

But ask them what a hero is and you're likely to get the same responses.

And that is, a hero is someone who's admired for their qualities and outstanding achievements.

Strangely, however, some heroes go unsung.

Despite possessing all the traits of a hero, for whatever reason, they receive little or no recognition.

So we decided to put paid to that – at least in Ho Chi Minh City's hospitality scene anyway – with our initiative called Heroes of Hospitality.

Each season, we invite a small group of unsung heroes of hospitality to have a night on us.

They get the opportunity to put their feet up, be waited on for a change, make new memories, forge lifelong friendships and connections over great food and beverages, and then leave feeling proud, knowing that they are making an indelible mark on Vietnam's dynamic restaurant and bar scene.

We trust you will enjoy getting to know our heroes and reading more about them in our features so you too can join us in singing their praises.

For our inaugural season of Heroes of Hospitality, we'd like to acknowledge and thank the following people:

Created & written by Chris Thompson

Editing & layout by Matt Cowan 

Evening hosted by Lukas Reitterer

Concept design by Duyen Tranh

Creative consultants Danh Tran, Melanie Casul, Van Nguyen

Photography by Nguyen The Anh

Venue partner Laang Restaurant  


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