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This luxury hotel in Malaysia will have two Boeing 747 aircraft parked by its artificial lagoon

This luxury hotel in Malaysia will have two Boeing 747 aircraft parked by its artificial lagoon

Two Boeing 747s, an artificial lagoon and 1970s vibes set to make this hotel a one-of-a-kind travel experience in Malaysia

Tiong Nam Group, a large logistics company in Malaysia, this week announced their plans to launch the country’s first aviation-themed lifestyle hub to open at the end of next year.

As you do.

Called 1975 Avenue & Hotel, the precinct will occupy over 19,000 sqm of integrated township with retail outlets, including a 38-room hotel with an outdoor artificial beach and lagoon surrounded by a resort-style garden setting off those tropical holiday vibes amid the hustle and bustle of Johor Bahru City.

The Cattle Class Lounge?

Designed to attract a new generation of domestic and international business and leisure travellers, as well as families looking for so-called authentic experiences, the hub plans to have establishments with local and international contemporary casual dining, including pop-up restaurants, a poolside cafe and bistro, themed dining and entertainment.

All seems pretty standard, right?

Well, this is where this odd-ball development takes a whacky turn.

In the plans, there’s provision for two decommissioned Boeing 747 passenger jets to be parked right by the beach – that’s the fake beach, just to make it clear.

Although, going by one render of the concept provided in a press release, it depicts the tail section of one jet jutting out above the pool in what appears to look somewhat like where the plane has ended up after an emergency landing somewhere in the South Pacific.

And just to add a few more butterflies to the stomach, its nose is positioned inside one of the buildings lagoon-side, almost like it’s overshot the runway and come to rest in the terminal building.

I can’t help but conjure up images of scenes from ’80s cult movie classics like Flying High (Airplane! in the US) and National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Roger, Roger?

Err…parking is full, Captain

I’m just not sure if I could sit by the pool sipping on my Kamikaze or Sex On The Beach with a scene like that in front of me just hours before I have to board my own flight out of the Equator, a sector notorious for its unsettled weather.

Still, if the renders are anything to go by, the rooms look first class.

According to the website, the design and concept of 1975 Avenue & Hotel “boasts its uniqueness for guests to enjoy ‘time travel’ when they visit. Inside the hotel, the all-suite cockpits and cabins feature a ’70s vintage and grandiose interior for a timeless aviation staycation escapade.”

The Mile High Club Lounge?

This project is touted as an unparalleled experience “aboard” where “passengers” can take a selfie from the cockpit, walk beneath the wings of the aircraft and stay in the custom-fitted planes.

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I think I’ve already done that flying Air Asia.

Anyway, the question remains, will a raunchy weekend away at 1975 Avenue & Hotel count towards induction into the Mile High Club?

I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of 2023 to find out, providing there aren’t any delays in getting this thing off the ground.

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