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“United Tastes” promotes US agricultural products in Vietnam

“United Tastes” promotes US agricultural products in Vietnam

The US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and the US Department of Agriculture have launched “United Tastes” promoting U.S. agricultural products in Vietnam. 

“United Tastes”, a branding and integrated marketing initiative, aims to promote US agricultural products for the Vietnamese market.

The “United Tastes” brand, with its clever play on words from States to Tastes aims to connect, educate, and inspire Vietnamese consumers about high-value, high-quality, safe, and healthy products from the United States.

With a positive GDP growth for the past decade, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

US agricultural exports to Vietnam increased by 40% in value over the last five years to reach US$3.7 billion.

Vietnam is the seventh largest country market for US agricultural and related products.

During her keynote remarks, Consul General Marie C. Damour stated, “Agricultural trade is an important aspect of the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship and has grown remarkably over the past 25 years. Communication about food and food culture is an excellent way to bring our two countries closer together.”

Our research shows that Vietnamese consumers, especially Millennials, are looking for premium, quality and healthy ingredients

Kelly Phan, IMC Account Manager, Vero Vietnam

To reach this growing consumer base the “United Tastes” brand has launched a variety of online channels including social media platforms to provide information and inspiration for the Vietnamese consumers about made in the US products available locally, including new recipes to try at home.

Launch guests (including The Bureau) were treated to some of the best products available, carefully curated and prepared by Chef Tristan Ngo and his team from Skewers Hospitality Group, which included Alaskan cod, king crab and lobster.

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Other mouthwatering meats, poultry, milk, dairy and of course healthy fruit, vegetable, grains and legumes.

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