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YouTrip CEO Caecilia Chu Named Top 25 CEO & Leader In Financial Technology In Asia

YouTrip CEO Caecilia Chu Named Top 25 CEO & Leader In Financial Technology In Asia

Caecilia Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of ​YouTrip​, Singapore’s leading multi-currency mobile wallet won two major accolades for ‘​Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs of Asia for 2020​’ and ‘​Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology’​ by The Financial Technology Report.

Caecilia is the only business leader to be awarded accolades from both categories. The Financial Technology Report Awards is a prestigious recognition of the exemplary leadership that has driven companies towards continued success in the financial technology industry.

The Financial Technology Report has received several hundred nominations and has evaluated each nominee based on ​factors such as career achievements and prominence in the field, the reach of the company’s offerings, and the significance of products for the financial technology industry as a whole.

Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs of Asia

Caecilia Chu is amongst the prominent names in the financial technology sector, like Simon Hu from Ant Group to be awarded ‘Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs of Asia’.

The companies represented have become industry leaders in Asia and worldwide and have produced products and solutions that are defining new ways for corporations and individuals to manage their finances.

Notably, Caecilia is one of the two female CEOs to be awarded ‘Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs of Asia for 2020’.

As a woman leader, she believes that opportunities a​re not limited by gender but only by a person’s size of ambitions, capabilities, and hard work, she hopes to inspire more women professionals to step out of their comfort zones to pursue their ambitions, no matter which field they are in.

Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology

Caecilia also received the accolade as the ‘Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology’ in this year’s nomination.

This is not only an affirmation of her success in shaping the financial technology sector but further highlights her achievements as a woman in a male-dominated field.

“It’s an incredible honour to be recognised as top CEO in Asia and woman leader in financial technology, alongside the many great leaders of our industry. This pandemic has been the greatest test of our leadership like never before, but I also see it as an opportunity to emerge as a more cohesive and resilient company,”​ Caecilia shares.

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Under Caecilia’s leadership, YouTrip has grown to become one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Southeast Asia.

In less than 18 months since its launch in Singapore, Caecilia has led YouTrip to fundraise the highest amount, US$26m for pre-Series A in the Southeast Asia region and launched in Thailand, in partnership with Kasikornbank, Thailand’s largest consumer bank with over 11.6 million online banking customers.

Her speed in execution has established YouTrip as a first-mover and an established pioneer in Singapore and Thailand’s multi-currency payment space.

YouTrip is also the first fintech company in Singapore to obtain a direct issuing license from Mastercard, paving the way for new features to be swiftly rolled out and setting a good foundation for the launch in new markets to come.

Despite the global pandemic, Caecilia has propelled YouTrip’s growth to greater heights.

Most recently, YouTrip announced a 300% quarterly growth compared to the same period in 2019, as a result of a successful pivot to overseas e-commerce payment.

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