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#QuickBeers Ep.5 Nông Trại Khoai District 4 Is A “Simple Ruin Bar” In An Ex-Mafia Stronghold

#QuickBeers Ep.5 Nông Trại Khoai District 4 Is A “Simple Ruin Bar” In An Ex-Mafia Stronghold

I grew up on a farm. But not quite like this one.

Nông Trại Khoai loosely translates to potato farm in English and while I am indeed a spud when it comes to my linguistic abilities, I know a good bar for a #QuickBeers when I see one.

And, I’ve seen one in Nông Trại Khoai in District 4, the third instalment of the popular “simple ruin bar” concept, a ramshackle hovel that you’d expect to see on a windswept beach or in a soggy swamp down by the Mekong.

It’s cool.

This quaint little watering hole set back off one of the busiest thoroughfares in the once terrifying neighbourhood made infamous by the Binh Xuyen, a bunch of river pirates from the Rung Sac (present-day Can Gio Mangrove Forest) who rose to prominence as revolutionaries and eventually built their own officially recognised army to pester the French colonialists, follows on from their original venue in Binh Thanh District.

There’s also one in District 2.

On the menu is an assortment of local mass-produced beers and well-priced craft frothies for the connoisseurs.

One that caught my eye, however, was Lowen Pils, a crisp and frighteningly cheap pilsner brewed by “beerhemoth” Sabeco, but apparently has its roots in Quy Nhon, a quaint coastal city in Binh Dinh Province in central Vietnam.

At around VND25,000 a pop, it’s perfect for #QuickBeers right around knock-off time when the peak hour traffic begins shuttling back-and-forth at a great rate of knots and the sun dips below the temple grounds across the street.

If only those waves of traffic were actually real ones rolling in from the ocean and lapping at my feet.

The beach is the only thing missing here.

Featured beer: Lowen Pils 5 ABV

Nông Trại Khoai District 4 is at N44 Cư Xá Vĩnh Hội, Hoàng Diệu, Ward 6, District 4

Find out more about Nông Trại Khoai District 4 at


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