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Saigon Children’s Charity To Hold Summer Charity Ball In Your Home For The First Time

Saigon Children’s Charity To Hold Summer Charity Ball In Your Home For The First Time

This September, Saigon Children’s Charity (saigonchildren) will deliver a luxury dining experience combined with live-streamed and pre-recorded entertainment for the first time ever in Vietnam, as the longstanding Saigon Summer Ball adapts to COVID restrictions to raise critical funds for children facing the risk of dropping out of school because of COVID-19.

Five of the most renowned chefs in Ho Chi Minh City are joining hands with saigonchildren to create a home-delivered culinary experience like no other for guests of the event.

The guests will be able to select from five exclusive menus created by chef Peter Cuong Franklin from Anan, Heath Gordon from Park Hyatt Saigon, Julien Perraudin from Quince Eatery, Sakal Phoeung from P’Ti Saigon, and Frederic Thevenet from Le Jardin des Sens.

Included in the package is a special cocktail, designed by one of saigonchildren’s beneficiaries, who is now a professional bartender at a well-known local bar.

The carefully packaged food and drink will be delivered by the event’s logistics partner Baemin to the guests’ homes on the night of Sep.12.

Food and drink options are open for people in Ho Chi Minh City with bookings closing on Sep.2.

Saigon Summer Ball At Home 2020 is aiming to fully recreate the experience of a ball digitally right in guests’ homes with a live stream, live auction, raffle, and performance.

Peter Cuong Franklin

People who aren’t located in Ho Chi Minh City can still immerse themselves in this event by bidding for items online and buying raffle tickets to win exceptional prizes.

For the first time in Vietnam, a prestigious charity event is adopting the digital and home delivery route as Vietnam is in its second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This approach will ensure the safety and well-being of participants while still raising the critical funds needed to maintain and expand the important work that Saigon Children’s Charity is doing to help disadvantaged children have fair access to education.

In its 11 years, Saigon Summer Ball has raised over US$1.5 million and is one of the most essential fundraising events of the organisation.

“In ordinary times, Saigon Children’s Charity already serves some of the most vulnerable members of our community, that is children from impoverished families,” said Damien Roberts, executive director of Saigon Children’s Charity. “During COVID-19, we have seen our beneficiaries being deeply affected, and there’s a need to expand our programmes to support even more children. We don’t have the option to cancel Saigon Summer Ball this year, in fact, we need it now more than ever to ensure the well-being of our children and the stability of the organisation.”

COVID-19 has rendered 1.3 million Vietnamese people unemployed, driving the highest unemployment rate in a decade.

One of the direct consequences of this is thousands of school-aged children will be removed from school because of financial difficulty.


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Posted by Saigon Children’s Charity on Thursday, August 20, 2020

That is why the work by organisations like Saigon Children’s Charity is all the more important to protect the next generation from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

Saigon Children’s Charity is a UK organisation working exclusively in Vietnam with the mission of removing barriers to education for disadvantaged Vietnamese children.

In its 28 years, from establishment in 1992, this organisation has built 207 schools in rural areas, provided over 40,000 scholarships to financially struggling students, supported over 12,000 young adults with vocational skills, and helped 12,000 children with disabilities to access education.

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Photo of chef Peter Cuong Franklin by Mike Palumbo

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