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Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô In Vietnam Is Coming Soon. Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About It

Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô In Vietnam Is Coming Soon. Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About It

Arnaud Zannier, the founder of Zannier Hotels, is well-known as a natural entrepreneur and opportunity finder.

He started his career in the fashion industry and became successful in the luxury hotel business.

His hospitality adventure was marked to start when the Zannier family bought the restaurant La Ferme de mon Père, in Megève, from the renowned French chef Marc Veyrat.

With the vision to enter the hospitality industry offering an alternative luxury, Zannier Hotels Le Chalet, a wonderful retreat with alpine décor, opened in 2011.

This was the beginning of Zannier Hotels.

Arnaud Zannier

“A lot of luxury brands use the same interior designers and architects all over the world and the hotels look the same wherever they are,” says Arnaud. “We want Zannier to be recognised for a quality experience and unique interiors. The idea is that, over time, the interiors of the hotels will gain added character.”

“I wanted to open a second property in Asia, and when I discovered this opportunity in Central Vietnam (planned opening for Dec.1, 2020), this became an evidence. I’ve been fascinated by the unique and pristine landscapes of Phu Yen, known for having the most beautiful sunrises in Vietnam.

“The region is not yet developed, has a rich cultural heritage and an authentic vibe. All what Zannier Hotels value,” he says.

Bãi San Hô

“Besides offering all the services you can expect from a luxury beach resort – three restaurants outlets, a large wellbeing area and fitness, a dedicated entertainment centre with water-based activities, a kids club and more – Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô offers a privacy and isolation unlike any other beach resort in Vietnam.

“All villas are standalone and isolated to each other, with a very authentic architecture, and the 98-hectare field offers a varied and dense vegetation that is ideal to unwind and just enjoy the nature.”

Bãi San Hô Beach Villa

Having neither trend or strategy, Zannier Hotels offers a way of living that is free of pretension. A philosophy that goes against the grain and makes Zannier Hotels unique with the following five key factors:


All of Zannier Hotels are in a widely disparate range of locations. Zannier Hotels are always nestled in exquisitely beautiful parts of the world. Emotion is the guiding principle for any property development.

“The way we open hotels is unusual to a lot of people,” admits Zannier. “We started in the Alps, then went to Southeast Asia; from there we came back to a secondary city in Belgium, then in Africa. But that’s what we like to do. We like to create new things.”


Every opening takes into consideration the location, the local culture and the experience that guests will be able to live, and the emotion they will retain.

No doubt that this ability to adapt to a specific culture, heritage and site is not only a key success factor but also a fundamental of Zannier Hotels’ DNA.



The vision “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” underpins each development and arises through all architectural and interior design elements.

Zannier Hotels strives to arouse emotion through architecture, atmosphere and bespoke service. Basic conceptual ideas and architectural input always originate from the Zannier Hotels’ team. Every detail is studied to fit to the image of the brand.

It is all about creating an atmosphere for guests to remember individual moments – unforgettable time glimpses – rather than designing grand architecture just to impress or amaze.


Interiors are worked out to be intimate, with a homey feeling. Creating stories, enhancing architectural details, associating textures or materials. Everything aims to create a long-lasting emotion.

All feature the use of local materials – wood, bamboo, stone, for example, and there’s a combination of modern and traditional construction techniques, always keeping in mind environmentally-friendly approaches and knowledge of the vernacular.

And in the end, time passing simply amplifies the character, the warmth and the beauty that emanate from these unique locations.


Preservation and Transmission of Heritage

Conservancy is a major part of Zannier Hotels’ DNA.

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Since the creation of the brand, the notion of conservation, of heritage preservation and of cultural respect was put at the centre of the team’s offer.

This is what matters and makes the difference when speaking about genuine hospitality.


Enhancing the wellbeing of guests and team members has always been the leitmotiv of Zannier Hotels. The group wellness approach is based on the notions of Heal, Move, Nourish, Rise and Learn.

Moreover, the hotel  developed a strong focus on indigenous wellness, using natural and local ingredients, mostly plant-based ingredients, ancient techniques and gestures.

They are also developing specific wellness programmes and retreats, for example, yoga retreats.

Stated Concept: Living The Instant

Each adventure of Zannier Hotels is like an ode to the beauty of the world, its ancestral cultures and the past that expresses itself so majestically in the present.

All sites are selected for their untamed beauty and rich heritage rather than ease of doing business. Customers are experience seekers.

Memories are what matters now, so Zannier Hotels aims to create new types of immersive, themed experiences that focus on escape, learning and communal connections.

71 villas nestled in a get-away-from-it-all scenery and located at a coral reef beach, Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô is, in…

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