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This Vietnam Motorbike Road Trip To Sadec Checks In On Some “Lovers” [Video]

In this video, Matt walks off his breakfast at Sadec market and pops into nearby Huyen Thuy Le House, otherwise known as The Lover’s House.

Now, this famous house has become (for better or for worse) synonymous with a visit to Sadec thanks to Marguerite Duras’ 1984 autobiographical novel The Lover, which was partly set in Sadec.

There’s also a film adaptation that was released in 1992.

But the so-called “Lover’s House” isn’t the only legacy the family of Huyen Thuy Le have left behind.

Just a short distance from their house is quite a stunning pagoda that perhaps doesn’t get the recognition it deserves – at least it doesn’t attract the type of hype as The Lover’s House.

So how does it compare? Watch and find out!

In between destinations, Matt stops off at a few other interesting sites that give you a feel for this charming little town on the banks of the Mekong River, all the while he works up an appetite again in readiness to sample some more of the tasty local cuisine in Part 3.

Filmed, edited & produced by Melanie Casul

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