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This Vietnam Motorbike Road Trip To Sadec Begins With Breakfast At The Central Market [Video]

In this video, join Matt as he rocks up to Sadec market (approx. 140km southwest of Saigon and around 100km east of the Cambodian border) early in the morning with a hungry belly and looking for something great to eat.

In markets like these, it’s not hard to find something amazing and so it doesn’t take him long to find some pho tai (beef noodle soup) with a twist.

Here in the southwestern parts of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, they like their food sweet, including their noodle soups!

Typically, instead of adding lime to the mix, they’ll throw in some kamquat (or calamansi) to up the sweetness levels.

In this particular bowl of amazing pho that Matt comes across at Kim Nhung’s stall, he adds in some spicy satay which lifts the dish to a new level.

Satay isn’t as common in Vietnam as it is in some of the neighbouring ASEAN countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, but it’s here and represents the dynamism of Vietnamese culinary culture, including the fact that Vietnam is one of the world’s leading producers of peanuts!

However, Matt’s not a big fan of satay at all, so how does he like it?

Filmed, edited & produced by Melanie Casul

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