This “Floating Temple” (Phù Châu Miếu Nổi) In Saigon Is A Must-Visit

Join our intrepid traveller, Matt, as he leaves the comfort of the peaceful and relatively sleepy southern expat enclave of Phu My Hung and hits the gritty streets of Saigon in search of the mysterious “Floating Temple” located somewhere in the deep dark bowels of Saigon’s northern district of Go Vap.

Phù Châu miếu is located in the middle of Vam Thuat River (hence, the temple’s nickname), a branch of the Saigon River in Go Vap and is only accessible by boat or, if you’re up for it, by swimming!

But you’ve got to find it first.

Built over 300 years ago, the temple is rumoured to have been used to bless sailors with peace and good fortune before they set sail for the high seas.

But another one has it that a heartbroken husband built it as a memorial and a token of love for his wife after she died (geez, talk about pressure!).

Either way, it’s well worth a visit.

Just make sure your phone is charged, your locator is on and time is on your side, because you’ll need all of those and more to find this little historic piece of Saigon treasure!

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Filmed by Matt with help from new friends he met along the way!

Edited by Melanie Casul. Follow Mel on Instagram at @melaniecasul

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