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Pasteur Street Brewing Co’s First Batch Of Barrel-Aged Beer Released

Pasteur Street Brewing Company has released its first batch of barrel-aged beer named Irish Stout in Early Times on Friday, June 5.

In late 2019, the brewery secured its first rum, whiskey and bourbon barrels and immediately set to work to get some beers inside of them.

The wooden barrels, which once actually housed rum, whiskey and bourbon, age the beer over a certain period of time.

Imparting flavours from the wood and from the remnants of the previous contents of the barrels has taken the new drop to the next level says Pasteur Street Brewing Co’s brewer Andrew Wills Brunson.

“Each barrel is going to contribute something differently depending on what beer was aged in it originally,” he says. “Aging beers in barrels will bring to it a lot of really cool flavours and aromas that you cannot get any other way.”

The beer is available at all Pasteur Street Brewing Co. taprooms.

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