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Vietnam Bartenders Served First As Campari Group Launches Online Academy With EdApp

Vietnam Bartenders Served First As Campari Group Launches Online Academy With EdApp

Campari Group has announced its access to valuable courseware through the EdApp platform for hundreds of brand ambassadors to continue the education of Campari’s trade partners in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 1860, Gruppo Campari – or Campari Group – is a leading player in the global branded beverage industry with a portfolio of more than 50 premium brands.

As the sixth-largest premium spirits company worldwide, its products are marketed and distributed in more than 190 countries. 

Since its inception, the household name has carried a strong presence and even stronger identity through the rich storytelling that contributed to the development of their superior products.

Given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, in-person training and learning are simply not a viable option.

During this difficult time, all industries are experiencing operational challenges, and hospitality is no exception.

Luckily, EdApp’s award-winning microlearning platform is built for online delivery, making remote learning simple and effective.

With its agility and customisation, EdApp will facilitate Campari’s invaluable learning content on product knowledge and soft skills.

Within a matter of days, Campari is able to create, edit, and deploy valuable lessons to hundreds of global brand ambassadors, known as ‘Camparistas’ who will educate Campari’s trade partners starting in Vietnam and continuing through Southeast Asia.

In this precarious time, EdApp is providing Campari with the tools required to maintain its standard of global excellence in training, storytelling, and beyond.  

CEO of EdApp, Darren Winterford said, “Our unique features enable leading global organisations like Campari to seamlessly educate their teams all over the world. In this new and challenging climate that we all find ourselves in, the EdApp platform can continue to facilitate continuous training through our lessons that can be accessed and completed wherever, whenever. We are delighted to help.”

Phillip Versteegen, Commercial Capabilities Manager – Asia at Campari Group said, “Having mobile-accessible learning content allows for Campari Academy Online’s success to continue, despite the new challenges that our cohorts are faced with surrounding in-person training. We are thrilled that our Camparistas have access to lessons through EdApp, which enables continuous training of our trade partners, who can access learning material remotely in every language that we require.”

The immediate deployment of Campari Academy Online will support online learning throughout Asia, with the plan to expand the courseware to Campari’s teams around the world.

About Campari

Campari Group combines strong brand building and external growth through selective acquisitions to generate organic growth.

Built on a foundation of passion, integrity, pragmatism, and togetherness, Campari Group is committed to building iconic brands and superior financial returns with integrity.

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Sesto San Giovanni in Italy is home to Campari’s headquarters, with the additional ownership of 18 plants worldwide, distribution networks in 20 countries, and employment of approximately 4,000 people.

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About EdApp 

EdApp is an award-winning microlearning-based and mobile-first Learning Management System (LMS).

Designed to provide engaging, mobile-first user experiences, the EdApp platform provides Enterprise with the ability to deliver training directly to their workforces’ smartphones, resulting in record engagement rates.

EdApp delivers around 50,000 lessons per day across more than 30 countries and counting.

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