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Bureau Bites Ep.9 – Singapore Social’s Eco-Warrior Paul Foster

Bureau Bites Ep.9 – Singapore Social’s Eco-Warrior Paul Foster

Bureau Bites is a regular “pod-bite” bringing you the latest news from Vietnam and the region.

Episode Background

Singapore has been widely praised internationally for its efforts in containing COVID-19.

As of March 25, the country with a population of almost 6 million people has somehow managed to keep its fatality count to two, compared to 19,000 deaths worldwide.

But concern is afoot as the number of COVID-19 cases in the small island state has doubled over a 48-hour timespan.

And with an estimated 200,000 citizens yet to return home from overseas, Singapore’s enviable status as one of the planet’s best prepared places to tackle the virus’ spread, is under threat.

Meanwhile, the livelihoods of just about everyone in every industry have been hard hit, no less so for people working in the entertainment and creative industries in Singapore.

Most have lost contracts and the prospect of securing new ones in the foreseeable future is unlikely, leaving them wondering what’s next.

In order to find out more about how Singaporeans are coping with COVID-19, we speak to Singaporean actor, host, environmental activist and Netflix’ Singapore Social star, Paul Foster.

We ask Paul the following questions:

1. How are things in Singapore at the moment?

2. How have you been spending your time since the COVID-19 crisis started?

3. What is it about Singapore and Singaporeans’ ability to simply get things done?

4. What environmental projects are you currently involved in?

5. Are we going to see Season 2 of Singapore Social?

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Produced by Matthew Cowan. Follow Matt on Instagram at @mattcowansaigon

Edited by Melanie Casul. Mel is The Bureau’s Content Manager. Follow her on Instagram at @melaniecasul

Special thanks to Paul Foster. Follow Paul on Instagram at @paulfosterrr

Feature photo by Bobby Tonelli for BOSS and provided by Paul Foster

For more information about Paul, visit:

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