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Bureau Bites Ep.4 – Bars Locked Down Or Not? And Innovation Thanks To COVID-19

Bureau Bites is a regular “pod-bite” bringing you the latest news from Vietnam and the region.

Episode Background

In a previous episode, we reported that bars and nightclubs in all of Saigon’s 24 districts were to be closed from Sunday, March 15th from 6pm.

However, a high-profile case has emerged since, where a British man unknowingly carrying COVID-19 visited a District 2 bar on multiple occasions after the supposed lockdown.

It’s created anxiety within the tight-knit community and has raised questions about a seemingly grey area between the definition of what’s a bar and what’s not.

We ask hospitality industry insider Richie Fawcett from The Studio Saigon his thoughts on the situation and its possible impact on the hospitality industry in Saigon for the foreseeable future. 

We ask him the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts given that there was supposed to be a lockdown on bars in all districts of Saigon?

2. What impact is COVID-19 going to have on the hospitality industry in Saigon for the foreseeable future?

3. What innovations in hospitality do you predict might come out of all this?

4. If you were to create a cocktail to sum up the situation we find ourselves in, what would it be like?  

Feature image by Richie Fawcett

Produced by Matthew Cowan. Follow Matt on Instagram at @mattcowansaigon

Edited by Melanie Casul. Follow Mel on Instagram at @melaniecasul

Special thanks to Richie Fawcett. Follow Richie on Instagram at @richie_fawcett

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