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Bureau Bites Ep. 1 – Saigon Bars, Beer Clubs, Spas & Nightclubs Close Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Bureau Bites is a regular “pod-bite” bringing you the latest news from Vietnam and the region.

Episode Background

  • City officials have decided it’s time to close bars and nightclubs in Saigon indefinitely in a bid to contain COVID-19
  • Restaurants remain open
  • Chris Thompson (editor-at-large Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam magazine) answers these questions:

1. What immediate impact is the decision to close bars and clubs going to have on businesses in the hospitality industry?

2. Why have restaurants been spared for now?

3. What’s the long-term impact going to be on Saigon’s hospitality industry?

4. What options are there for people who still want to dine out or go for a drink?

Produced by Matthew Cowan. Follow Matt on Instagram at @mattcowansaigon

Edited by Melanie Casul. Follow Mel on Instagram at @melaniecasul

Feature photo by Mike Palumbo. Follow Mike on Instagram at @mikepalumbo_

Special thanks to Chris Thompson. Follow Chris on Instagram at @ctsaigon06

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