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The Bureau Podcast Ep. 7: New Bar & Resto Openings, Imelda’s Sambal & Best Of The Bureau 2019

The Bureau Podcast Ep. 7: New Bar & Resto Openings, Imelda’s Sambal & Best Of The Bureau 2019

In this “Royal-themed” episode with Matt, Mike & Mel, The Bureau Briefs returns in which Mel gives a big tick of approval to an iconic Saigon teahouse & bakery that has reopened its doors.

But then, in a sudden turn, she stunningly cries “foul” over a much-hyped (and highly-rated) flame grilled chicken restaurant new to town. Who could it be?

Meanwhile, Mike pays out on Matt for taking him on their own wild goose chase in search of a new Japanese-themed venue out the back blocks of Thu Duc.

It turns out the highlight of their fruitless journey was the Grab ride out of there.


In probably our hottest segment of the year, we give the Queen of Sambal, Imelda Van der Wulp of Imelda’s Kitchen, a call and she talks us through an eye-watering taste test of her beautifully fragrant and spicy new batch of authentic Indonesian sambal made right here in Saigon.

After we’ve cooled down and wiped the tears from our eyes, we roll out the first category in our Best of The Bureau 2019 list.

This episode we announce the top 5 cocktail bars in Saigon according to the amount of traffic they attracted to our website this year. Find out which ones they are and go and check them out for yourself.

Imelda Van der Wulp Photo: Facebook

Finally, as usual, we give a shoutout to some interesting social media accounts that we like from Vietnam and the region, followed by our final observations on what’s happening in hospitality in Saigon.


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