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The Saigon Speakeasy That’s Off The Hook: Telephone Bar

The Saigon Speakeasy That’s Off The Hook: Telephone Bar

There’s something about the name of this bar that makes you want to list as many songs with the word telephone in them.

And then you’re left with an ear worm that just won’t go away.

For the older generation among us, ABBA’s Ring Ring springs to mind, while Maroon 5’s Payphone song is a younger generation favourite.

At Telephone Bar, you guessed it, you gain entry through a bright red telephone booth that somewhat resembles the Tardis, whereafter you lift the old school phone receiver off the hook to open the door.

Of all the bars in Saigon, this one probably reminds us the most of our misspent youth – drunk in a payphone having spent all our money and wondering how the hell the phone works.

That aside, the drinks here are as a good as you’ll get anywhere in Saigon at the moment, if you can find the place, that is.

Telephone Bar is staying true to the speakeasy concept by being conspicuously inconspicuous online by having next to no social media presence. They don’t have Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ironically, however, once you find their location (ask around), their premises with a couple of red telephone booths stands out on the corner of the street, calling you in.

No Happy Hour.

Telephone Bar is at 41 Nguyen Van Trang St., District 1, HCMC

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Feature photo Logan Vu (Facebook)

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