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Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Opens 6th Taproom

Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Opens 6th Taproom

One of the trailblazers of craft beer in Vietnam, Pasteur Street Brewing Co., has announced it’s ready to start pouring at its newest taproom on Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1.

To celebrate, the team at Pasteur Street Brewing Co. (PSBC) is launching their soft opening phase with a bash on Saturday Aug. 24 from 6pm to 1am where you’ll get your second beer on them!

PSBC started out in 2014 as an idea to combine American craft brewing techniques with fresh, exotic Vietnamese ingredients to create a unique-tasting beer right here in Saigon.

Since then, the brewery has brewed an astonishing 350-plus styles of beer, which it has won numerous awards for, established taprooms in Saigon, Hanoi and now, Hoi An, and distributes to more than 300 outlets domestically and seven thirsty countries internationally.

In the lead up to PSBC’s latest taproom opening, we asked PSBC’s Domestic Sales Director, Mischa Smith, a few questions about it.

B: How would you say the design of your new Le Thanh Ton location is different from your other taprooms in Saigon? It appears that you’ve perhaps moved away from the original look and feel of the other PSBC taprooms.

MS: I would say that every new taproom has taken on a slightly different vibe than the others. We try to tailor them to the location that they’re in.

While District 2 is still reminiscent of our original location on Pasteur Street in District 1, it’s a big beer hall style fit-out and a slightly more raucous vibe.

Our Hoi An location, as well, incorporates many elements from the old town where it’s located, into the design concept.

Opening up in this area of Le Thanh Ton, we wanted to go a little more sleek and modern on the interior and the exterior, while still staying true to what we do.

We never want to veer too far afield and become stuffy or pretentious. I think you’ll see that our Le Thanh Ton location is still very much us, but with some new design elements that we’ve introduced to the brand since we opened our last location.

The breeze blocks are a great example of this. When we decided to go with that design for all of our new bottles and cans we felt very strongly that the visuals would pop and that it would still be firmly rooted in Vietnam.

We played with this a lot, both inside and out, for the new venue. 

B: What was behind your decision to open at this new location on Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1?

MS: Our new Le Thanh Ton taproom really fits into the way we see our brand moving forward.

The new location represents our expansion with 18 taps where we’ll showcase even more exciting brews, which will only be available here. 

Le Thanh Ton was chosen as it has the reputation of differentiation and inspiring food and beverage concepts and draws a huge crowd of locals, expats and travellers to the area.

B: Tell us a little more then about the PSBC brand moving forward.

MS: Over the past four and a half years we’ve constantly been looking for new ways to grow and expand in Vietnam.

The craft beer industry in Vietnam is in constant change and so are we as a brand. Our brewers are always looking for new inspiring ingredients and as such, we’ve launched an innovation series to support that, where we’ll have a new release every month.

Recently, we rolled out new can and bottle labels which reflect the direction our brand is moving towards, which we believe is a suitable fit with our Vietnamese brewed craft beers.

The breeze block design has been seen for many years in Vietnam and, therefore, we’ve used them in our new tap room to brighten up the frontage of our entire location. 

We’ll continue to market our brand as not just about our beers, but represented by our staff who have great craft beer knowledge, follow high service standards and engage with our customers at all of our locations. 

B: How many people can you comfortably serve at your new Le Thanh Ton location?

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MS: You kind of have to see it to understand how many floors we are working with.

There are full floors and half floors and we’ve tried to make each different landing spot its own unique experience, without being too jarring.

We have 80 seats across “three-ish” floors but capacity to serve a bit more than that with some of the unique offerings we’ll have in house.  All up the entire space covers approximately 180 sqm.

B: What’s your food menu like and what’s the price range?

MS: Our food menu will roll out in the same way as our other taprooms, so there’ll be small dishes starting at around VND40,000 and full meals going up to about VND200,000.

Our head chef, Logan, is eager to try out some new ideas for our new location but those will take some time to roll out.  

B: Why do you think we should drink beer at your new location?

MS: Have you tried our beer?! Seriously, though, we’re all really excited about the new location!

The front windows roll back on the ground floor and on the balcony upstairs. We want it to feel open and fun – people watching on this street will be fantastic!

We’re going to have a lot of different live music acts coming through and we’ve found a manager for this location in Mark Joyce, who has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

He’s an amazing host and has been working hard with his own hand-selected team to ensure that the service at our new Le Thanh Ton location will be unparalleled. 

Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s new taproom is at 26A Le Thanh Ton St., District 1, HCMC 

Photos provided by Pasteur Street Brewing Co.

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