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Fusion Resorts Celebrates Global Wellness Day

Fusion Resorts Celebrates Global Wellness Day

Fusion is set to honour Global Wellness Day, one day of the year dedicated to helping people make healthier choices and improve their wellbeing and that of the planet, on Saturday June 8.

To mark the special day, Fusion resorts and hotels throughout Vietnam will host a range of wellness activities covering everything from meditation with monks at a local temple to volunteering at an orphanage.

At the Fusion Resorts in Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, Da Nang and Alba Wellness Valley, the day will start at sunrise with a Mandala meditation, tai chi qigong breathing techniques, and pranayama yoga, to prepare guests for a spiritual day ahead and encourage a sense of reflective mindfulness.

Throughout the day, Fusion wellness specialists will introduce simple ways to improve life energies and increase global consciousness, such as early morning yoga and a meditation session.

At Fusion Maia Da Nang guests are invited to visit a local orphanages, to introduce the principles of Global Wellness Day, and to help them appreciate how their lives can be changed by changing the lives of others.

Fusion Suites Da Nang is planning a yoga marathon with an eclectic mix of 50-minute classes, from aerial to yin, on offer from 5am to 6pm. All sessions offered are free-of-charge to guests.

At Fusion Resort Cam Ranh the team will lead an afternoon beach clean-up, inviting guests and the nearby community to reflect on their use of plastics and how this impacts their local environment. 

As the day draws to a close, guests at Fusion Maia Da Nang will join monks at a local monastery for group meditation and reflective words of mindfulness before a lantern ceremony sends wellness wishes to the skies. 

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At Fusion Resort Cam Ranh and Phu Quoc, the day will end with tranquil meditation sessions, encouraging reflection on the world, and the realisation that with just a few small changes, a single day can lead to a lifetime of better living. 

“At Fusion Resorts we strive to embody the spirit of wellness, believing in a holistic approach that embraces emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing,” said Atilla Erda, Fusion’s chief operating officer. “That ‘one day a year’ is the lifestyle choice we try to make every day, encouraging ourselves and those around us to reflect on how we can live a healthier, better life.”

For more information on how you can get involved check out Fusion’s Facebook Page

To learn more about Global Wellness Day visit

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