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Men’s grooming mecca in Vietnam, House of Barbaard, took a step closer to realising its goal of becoming a true gentlemen’s lifestyle brand recently with the launch of its new clothing line for men.

It’s the first time House of Barbaard has ventured into clothing after establishing its hugely-successful barbershops in Saigon and Hanoi that have proven to be not only popular among foreign men, but also among sartorial-inclined Vietnamese gents with a penchant for fastening suspenders (of the male kind) to their trouser waists, donning Gatsby-era newsboy caps and choofing on imported Cubans over a jigger or two of single malt.


In just a few years, Dutch co-founders Tom Goedhart (pictured above) and Guido de Leeuw have grown Barbaard from a quaint pomade import business into a legitimate men’s grooming destination that’s become a must-visit for the discerning gentleman living in, or visiting, either of the two cities.

For now, the collection only includes handcrafted dress shirts, combed-cotton socks and premium gentlemen’s accessories, but Tom and Guido assure us they have plans to grow the collection in the near future so that House of Barbaard becomes a one-stop-lifestyle-destination for men looking to smarten themselves up over a relaxing drink and some light entertainment.

House of Barbaard has locations in Saigon and Hanoi. For more info, click HERE

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