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On Top of Saigon at Madame Sau

On Top of Saigon at Madame Sau

With barely enough time for the sequins to settle after the grand opening bash just a week or so earlier, Madame Sau was again lit-up on Sunday evening (May 12) with the glitz and glamour of a special event co-hosted by Vinpearl Luxury at its Landmark 81 hotel location in Saigon.

The social media hashtag for the evening was the aptly-chosen #OnTopOfSaigon. While Madame Sau on the 67th floor by no means occupies the highest level of all the venues in Landmark 81, it’s dizzying enough up here, with a couple of swift, ear-popping rides up the lifts and vertigo-inducing glances out the windows at each floor letting you know just how high you are. Bitexco Tower, until recently Saigon’s tallest building, looks miniature from here.

Bitexco Tower, until recently Saigon’s tallest building, looks miniature from here

Madame Sau is one of a number of venues to have opened, or that are due to open, in the recently completed tallest building in Vietnam. Currently, Landmark 81 ranks 14th on the list of tallest buildings in the world, standing at 461 metres. Madame Sau’s “sky bar” adjacent to its main indoor space, is the highest venue of its kind in the country commanding jaw-dropping views over much of the city.

While the venue’s concept aims to offer the very best in contemporary Vietnamese gastronomy, it will also strive to establish itself as a unique space positioned at the intersection of creative food and beverages and the showcasing of up-and-coming and established Vietnamese contemporary artists. It promises to be a multi-dimensional space that pushes the boundaries of F&B, art, culture and entertainment. At this intersection, it’s a turn for the best for nightlife in this city.

At the exclusive event, guests were treated to arrival drinks and canapes at the sky bar to enjoy over those unparalleled city “nightscapes” before re-entering the building and making their way to the main space.

There, they were guided through an evening of entertainment by the MC for the evening, the elegant Jennifer Pham, with the talent including a star-studded card of Vietnam’s current A-listers, like superstar songstress Ho Ngoc Ha who looked stunning as she belted out a popular tune to an enthralled audience and snap-happy paparazzi. If jaws hadn’t fully-dropped at the city views earlier outside, then they well and truly had by the conclusion of her headlining performance.

Also performing was the talented and electric Toc Tien with an energetic set that ensured the atmosphere in the room remained wired long after she had left the stage. Flanked by her small troupe of dancers, Toc Tien gave it everything she’s got during her sustained performance of song and dance, which was a highlight of the evening.

Another fantastic performance was by V-Pop heartthrob Noo Phuoc Thinh who swooned his way through a magical set and into the hearts (and mobile phone memory cards) of just about everyone in attendance. His performance meant there was never a dull moment throughout the evening’s entire program.

Meanwhile, Touliver, one of the hottest DJs spinning the decks in clubs and bars throughout Vietnam at the moment, rounded out a massive night of entertainment with his selection of eclectic tracks and mixes.

All photos by Mike Palumbo

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Madame Sau is on the 67th floor of Landmark 81 at Vinhomes Central Park, HCMC. For more information about Madame Sau, click HERE and for Vinpearl Luxury Hotel, click HERE

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