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Cloud 9 Project Launch

Cloud 9 Project Launch

Cloud 9 Project is a sequel exhibition to the critically acclaimed City Rising exhibition that has been on touring display for the past 12 months in L’usine (Dong Khoi), Hum (Thao Dien) and The Studio Saigon (Ly Tu Trong) in Ho Chi Minh City.

The work features the progressive increase in height of the tallest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in tandem with the development of the self-taught drawing technique of artist Richie Fawcett who started to document the city’s changing skyline more than seven years ago.

The collection shows rare early pencil sketches by the artist of the skyline developing, through to his latest large scale detailed pen and ink work.

Fawcett, originally from the UK, has witnessed the gradual transformation of the city into a Southeast Asian megacity over the past decade, all the while sketching that transformation on the streets and tower tops making up the emerging skyline.

Inspired by the redefinition of the skyline in front of him, Fawcett has selected the most significant nine towers that at one time in Ho Chi Minh City’s history held the title as tallest building. Landmark 81, completed in 2018, is currently the city’s tallest building standing at 470 metres; quite the step up from the Sunwah Tower (Nguyen Hue), completed in 1995, that stands at just 92 metres.

This is a rare opportunity to view and buy original work directly from Fawcett’s own studio, The Studio Saigon. Never before has he offered up an entire collection of original art for sale. A super limited-edition print run of just 10 copies of each picture is also available for the budget art collector.

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The buildings featured in this collection are: Landmark 81, Bitexco, Vietcom Bank Tower, Saigon Center 2, Saigon Trade Centre, Deutsches Haus, Caravelle Hotel, Sunwah Tower and Saigon Basillica.

Video provided by Richie Fawcett

The exhibition is open to the public from May 15, 2019.

For more information about the exhibition and The Studio Saigon, click HERE

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