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Ride For Life Rally

Ride For Life Rally

Audium Army and nation 7 – motorcycle adventures have come together to bring you RIDE for LIFE. The inaugural RIDE for LIFE is a 2-day fundraising campaign for ‘Today’s Child Victims of Agent Orange’.

All proceeds from the ride, evening fundraiser, and donations will go towards reaching a goal of VND25 million to buy much needed medications and supplies to help bring smiles to the kids.

 The RIDE 

There are two ride categories for people to choose from ‘the Road Ride’, and ‘the Off-Road Ride’. Both rides will begin at the same start point and time with all riders together. The group will then split and head along separate routes not long after. 

The two separate groups will then reunite at approximately 4pm at the Green Bamboo Lodge in Cat Tien. The Green Bamboo Lodge is located on the bank of the Dong Nai River opposite the Cat Tien National Park. They have a swimming pool on the premises, delicious home cooked local meals, and plenty of cold beer and banana wine.


An evening fundraiser will be held with lots of prizes to be won and fun to be had in true Audium style. 


Agent Orange is a herbicide which contains a high concentration of the chemical dioxin. The dioxin used is 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD). TCDD is one of the most toxic dioxins known to humankind. Of the 419 types of similar compounds known, it is the most toxic. 

The herbicide, manufactured by Monsanto, was used during the American War (Vietnam War) to strip the leaves from trees. Sprayed at up to 20 times the concentration the manufacturers recommended for killing plants, it defoliated millions of acres of forests and farmland. Large tracts of that land remain degraded and unproductive to this day. The TCDD in Agent Orange can remain toxic in the soil for decades. 

The Red Cross estimates that three million Vietnamese have been affected by TCDD, including at least 150,000 children born with serious birth defects due to the wartime US spraying of Agent Orange and other herbicides over southern and central Vietnam. Children born to parents exposed to Agent Orange can be stillborn or born with horrible birth defects, including skin disease, mental illness, and deformities.

It’s today’s child victims of Agent Orange that Audium, nation 7, and our generous sponsors aim to help. 

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