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5 Hot Tailors In Saigon That Measure Up

5 Hot Tailors In Saigon That Measure Up

Men, you need a suit. And not just some ill-fitting off-the-rack bag that “does the job” for wedding season or that odd event you go to from time-to-time.

You not only need an outfit that looks and feels great (and fits), but one that turns heads in your direction, not away.

Here are five tailors in Saigon that will have your partner holding onto your hand at an event, tighter than ever before.

Antonio De Torres Haute Couture for Men

Photo: Antonio De Torres

Since 2014, ADT has dressed discerning men of all shapes and sizes with some of the finest suits, shirts, jackets and shoes money can buy in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

ADT places high priority on delivering the highest quality bespoke products with the greatest standards of service possible.

ADT has stores in both Saigon and Hanoi.

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SIR Tailor

Photo: SIR Tailor

Vietnamese founded SIR is leading the vanguard of young, contemporary Vietnamese tailors shaking up gentlemen’s fashion and style consciousness with their attention to detail and some of the best Italian fabrics, cuts and styles money can buy.

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Photo: The MAYDO

Another Vietnamese owned and founded (2015) tailor that has become one of the most recommended in Saigon.

Reviews of their work range from exceptional to amazing and back again.

The gents rave about how perfect things fit, their quality service and, importantly for any Dapper Dan, the comments they get when out on the town.

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Leon Suits

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Photo: Leon Suits

Leon suits up gentlemen according to their own style and taste, personality and image.

Rather than just whip you up a suit, Leon will give you advice on what they think is best for you, so you can be stepping out in style for that happy hour G&T at Martini Bar confident knowing that the furtive glances heading your way are well deserved.

For more info, click HERE

Puro Santo

Photo: Puro Santo Saigon

The latest men’s clothing brand from the creative mind of Antonio De Torres.

Puro Santo’s inspiration comes from sport, military, trekking, safaries and expeditions in the “Republic of Puro Santo”.

The brand is built on bespoke patterns, shapes and fits, retrofitted and adapted into ready-to-wear items that make the kings of the jungle roar.

For more info, click HERE

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