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7 Delicious Breakfasts in Saigon

Benedict, bacon & banh bao

These seven breakfast venues in Saigon will start your day off on the right foot, no matter what side of the bed you get out of.

Elbow Room

This place has been around for years and is open early on Sundays for when you’re fanging for that post-drinking binge eggs Benedict or stack of blueberry pancakes. The servings are simple here, but consistently very good, which is what you want after hauling your arse out of bed early with one of those wretched hangovers Saigon does so well. God help us if this joint ever closes down. Not that it will.

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Bunker Bed & Breakfast

Photo: Bunker Bed & Breakfast

This is an all-day American diner at the end of a small alleyway in the Da Kao neighbourhood of District 1. Expect hearty American breakies like the “Eggie” with fluffy scrambled eggs, vegies, tomatoes, bacon, hash & toast; or the suitably named The Hangover Cure made from creole scramble with a buttermilk waffle, crispy chicken tenders, bacon & hot honey butter. If this place doesn’t restore your faith in life again after a massive night out on the booze, then just give up.

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Eden Coffee House

District 7 has been a backwater for some time when it comes to choice for Western-style restaurants. Decent breakfasts in particular have been few and far between, but Eden has consistently served up quality classics like eggs Benedict and decent coffee for quite a while now. Don’t expect anything too fancy, it’s a café on the ground floor of a serviced apartment, but what they do, they do well. Don’t forget to bring along the mosquito repellent because at this place you’re not the only thing coming along for a good feed.

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Mekong Merchant

Photo: Mekong Merchant

This cafe/restaurant is a must-visit in District 2 and has become an institution since opening in 2004. They have great coffee, juices & breakfasts, which include healthy options and those indulgent ones with eggs and bacon. A highlight among many at Mekong Merchant is their bread, especially given this city doesn’t actually have a lot of good quality bread. Their service is excellent, and you have the option to eat outside in the courtyard under a shady tree or inside with air-conditioning.

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Tien Phat Dim Sum

There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of “dim summeries” in Saigon. This is one we can guarantee. Located in the heart of Cholon, the city’s Chinatown, Tien Phat is open from 6am and generally shuts down around midday, so don’t go there in the afternoon expecting an all-day breaky after a big night out. Get there early for a seat. Parking is just down the street in a local primary school. Quality stuff.

Address: 18 Ky Hoa St, District 5

Pho 84


There are pho joints all over this city, as you would expect with the popularity of Vietnam’s unofficial national dish. Which one is the best? Good luck trying to work it out and then finding someone to agree with you. But what we can say about Pho 84 is that we’ve been coming here for close to 10 years and it hasn’t changed a bit. Thick, rich broth with good-sized slivers of beef, plenty of ‘shrubbery’, lime and chili, this pho will keep connoisseurs of southern style noodle soup very happy. It’s open early each day, but expect them to be closed as it nears midday.

Address: 84 Tan Da St, District 5

Harvest Café & Restaurant

Harvest is a welcome addition to the foodie scene in District 7 and offers something different from the gazillion Korean BBQ joints right nearby. Harvest is an organic grocery store, café and whiskey bar (incl. craft beer) all rolled into one. The owners own and operate the entire supply chain from their internationally organic accredited farm in Dalat all the way to their restaurant. One of the highlights is that in order to serve the tenants in the apartment block above, they start brewing coffee at 5.30am, the only place in the district open this early for a latte or cappuccino – an absolute saviour.

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