NHAU NHAU is quite possibly the perfect inner city location for a sneaky rendezvous over drinks – exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day. It’s hidden away on the second floor of a building in the middle of a wet market just a stroll from Nguyen Hue Street.

There’s no way of telling it’s here unless you’ve done your research.

The bar seats a cozy eight people while there’s enough space for perhaps 20 at a stretch, making it intimate. The decor is inspired by 1960s Saigon, the so-called golden era of Vietnamese rock and roll. On one wall there are framed retro album covers of some of the top artists of the time, while classic Vietnamese tracks play from the speakers. The mottled-green handmade wall tiles look great under lighting and they go well with the custom-made wooden bar, stools and tables.


But the real clincher for this as our choice of bar for couples is the creative, not to mention playful, drinks list. There are drinks like the coconut worm shot made with white rum, coconut cream and an actual crispy, caramelised coconut worm that comes skewered on a small stick of bamboo resting across the glass.

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Then there’s the cigar and whiskey cocktail served in a glass skull bottle sealed with a cork that allows the cigar smoke to infuse into the whiskey before drinking, while the cotton candy Old Fashioned requires you to pour this classic drink out of a small flask over a white, fluffy pillow of cotton candy. This drink has the ability to tease the child out of the crankiest of old fogeys.

It’s all hands on here which is great fun and, in a sense, sets things up for more playfulness somewhere else (home?) a little later on.

NHAU NHAU is at 89 Ton That Dam Street, District 1, HCMC. For more info, click HERE

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