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Love Hotel

Love Hotel

Let’s imagine your Valentine’s Day is going nicely to script, so much so that the two of you are talking rooms.

While there’s no shortage of hotels in this city, ranging from flea-bitten ratholes all the way up to five-star opulence, it can be tricky getting a room if one of you is an unmarried Vietnamese female, due to an antiquated law that says if you’re not married, you need to purchase two rooms. There have even been cases where married couples have had to prove at check-in that they were indeed married. Talk about a mood killer.

But Cupid Hotel in District 1 cuts through all the bureaucracy (no pun intended) and can get you into one of their themed-rooms as quickly as you can say jacuzzi.

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The hotel has 35 rooms over four floors, with a different theme on each floor, including a Japanese-inspired room. Kawaii!

Rooms can be rented out hourly starting from US$4.50 for the basic Superior Room with a bed and bathroom, up to US$9 per hour for the Suite Room with a jacuzzi, sauna and a balcony.

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A nice touch is the free cosplay outfit and sex toy that comes with it.

Cupid Hotel is at 2bis Nam Quoc Cang Street, District 1, HCMC. For more info, click HERE

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