Hot Air Balloon Ride

There aren’t too many more romantic notions than floating up in the sky among billowy white clouds and sipping on a champagne flute above one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and unusual environments.

Vietnam Balloons, Vietnam’s first hot air balloon company, has been operating out of Phan Thiet-Mui Ne since 2017. They now also offer flights over the old capital of Vietnam, Hue.

A typical 3-4 hour flight (US$165pp) lifting off from Phan Thiet or Mui Ne (depending on weather conditions) includes flying over the desert-like sand dunes of Mui Ne and peering into the daily lives of villagers, farmers and fisherfolk below.

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There have been numerous marriage proposals already during flights, so the team at Vietnam Balloons are experienced in making flights that extra bit special. If you’re going to propose, let’s just hope he or she says yes, because there’s nowhere to run and hide up there.

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