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Burger Republic

Burger Republic

There’s a lot of hype about burgers in Vietnam at the moment, especially in the country’s most vibrant city, Ho Chi Minh City, where burger options and quality have boomed along with the economy in recent years. It makes for an interesting correlation – could it actually be true that burgers are the catalyst for a better quality of life index?

Yet, despite the hype, it’s often the case that not many places deserve it and they just simply disappoint. Avid foodies on Instagram with a passing interest in food and beverage trends in Vietnam will have noticed the hype with Danang and its burgers of late. It certainly caught our attention.

When we visited recently, it was then we realised things weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Time and again we were disappointed with the quality of burgers in Danang, that is, until we found Burger Republic. We’re pretty confident that this is the best burger in town by a long shot, at least out of the burger joints we tried.

A collaboration between a local Danangite and her French partner, Burger Republic is located across the river from the beach, just a couple of blocks from Bach Dang Street on the river and just minutes from Dragon Bridge.

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The burgers are serious business here. They offer five kinds of patties, eight kinds of homemade sauces, five kinds of cheese and six different side dishes all homemade and fresh, served up in a quaint establishment that perhaps is best described as more of a cantina than a traditional burger cafe. There’s also a small open-air bar out back which is perfect for a sneaky drink in private.


Burger Republic is at 33 Hoang Van Thu Street, Danang

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