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Dirty Fingers

Dirty Fingers

The fact that a place like Dirty Fingers (named because everything on the menu is eaten with your hands) exists in central Vietnam, speaks volumes of the leaps and bounds the culinary and entertainment scenes have taken here over the past few years. Think roadhouse slash machinery shed slash hoedown venue and you’ve just about got the feel of the place right there, except it comes without the rednecks! Yeehaw!

The only thing missing here is sawdust on the floor and a mechanical bull in the corner

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Dirty Fingers is new on the scene and offers something unlike anything we’ve visited in Vietnam. It’s super spacious with tables out front and inside, along with seating at the huge bar that sits smack bang in the centre of the place. These folks make y’all feel downright at home.

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There’s a stage for live music, which happens most nights of the week, and plenty of TVs to catch all the sporting action. There seems to be something on every night of the week. The only thing missing here is sawdust on the floor and a mechanical bull in the corner.


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The menu is all about rolling your sleeves up and digging in with your hands – whatever you can eat with them (just about anything) is on the menu at great prices. Pig out on chicken wings, nachos, tacos, chips and dips, or go for something more substantial with a burger, steak sandwich or cajun pork sausage sandwich. For the big boys there are “Big Man” platters with wings, ribs and more ribs, and a mixed meat platter with just about every farm animal you can imagine featured.

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Then all that can be washed down with local and imported beers, shots and cocktails – whatever way you roll. Go on, get down and dirty!

— All photos by Mike Palumbo. Follow Mike on Instagram at @palumbo_photo

Dirty Fingers is at 404 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Danang

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