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Sexy Tapas

Sexy Tapas

Tomatito slinked onto Saigon’s burgeoning culinary catwalk less than a couple of years ago and immediately added some sultriness to a scene gagging for some flamboyance and a new direction. Restaurants in Saigon had been serving up tapas for years and were doing a good job of it, but not quite like this — sexy!

10% OFF your bill PLUS 2-FREE tapas per person for the Saigon Tattoo Expo!


Sexy is Tomatito’s concept that, before landing in Saigon, had gone gangbusters in Shanghai and Manila for bringing the Latin flair and sexiness the Spaniards are famous for the world over to the restaurant tables of Asia. It’s working in Saigon, too, because there’s no doubt this place reeks of personality, emotion and flair. It’s funky, colourful and in your face.


The Saigon Tattoo Expo 2018 is on Nov. 10 & 11. For more information, CLICK HERE



Tomatito’s menu is extensive to say the least, and is packed with everything you’d expect at a Spanish tapas resto. There’s also an “express” lunch menu (opens 11am) and, naturally, a drinks menu that will have you dancing on the tables in no time.



Where: 171 Calmette, District 1

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Getting there from the Expo: 20 minutes by xe or taxi depending on traffic

Promotion: 10% OFF bill + 2-FREE tapas per person


Terms & Conditions:

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1. Available during the week of the Saigon Tattoo Expo (Nov. 5th to Nov.12th)

2. Not available with any other promotion, deal, special or Happy Hour

3. Notify staff on arrival off your intention to claim the promotion

4. Show staff your Saigon Tattoo Expo ticket or VIP pass & check-in on the venue’s Facebook page

5. “Tag” & “Like” The Bureau Facebook page & share a photo!

6. Enjoy!

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