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Continuing the holistic journey

Continuing the holistic journey

Aman, the hospitality group which manages Amanoi Resort at Vinh Hy Bay in Vietnam, has just launched of a skincare collection, made bespoke for the brand, which not only embodies and celebrates, but is also inspired by its constellation of hotels and resorts. Introducing a collection of 30 products on the occasion of the brands 30th anniversary, Aman Skincare has been formulated using an exotic roll-call of natural, rare and precious ingredients, many of which have been wild-harvested in various Aman destinations.

Aman Skincare - Main Campaign Shot

The sense of peace, the intrinsic connection with its beguiling locations, and the becalming architecture for which Aman is so renowned, define the design aesthetic for the collection’s bottles and jars. Acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma masterfully blended these attributes with Aman’s eastern roots and channelled them into striking vessels, a beautifully crafted reimagining of Japanese porcelain.

Aman Skincare - Nourishing Pathway

The new Aman Skincare collection inspires a similar journey following the three distinct pathways that harness the natural settings of Aman’s locations: mountains and deserts, Grounding and earthy in their essence; oceans and seas – fresh, Purifying and fluid; nature, forests and lush greenery – Nourishing and renewing in the energy they offer.

The Aman Spa Signature Menu is available at every Aman, and reflects these three pathways. There are four treatments available within each pathway:  Massage, Body Polish and Wrap, Face Ritual and Journey, the last of which includes all three aforementioned treatments and which is designed to amplify their effects. Each treatment is tailored to the individual to target specific concerns and help attain personal wellness goals.

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Amanoi is a contemporary beachside resort with 11 guest Pavilions, 18 Villas with private pools, two Spa Houses and five Residences. Embraced by Nui Chua National Park on the dramatic coastline of Vinh Hy Bay, the property features a lakeside Aman Spa and a Beach Club on the private sandy shoreline.

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