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Relish The Experience

Relish The Experience

Not that long ago (try about four years ago) it was mighty hard to get a decent burger in Saigon. Then along came Relish & Sons and tore up the scene with badly-needed, high-quality burgers made from the best ingredients. Finally we had somewhere decent to stuff our faces and get grubby eating with our hands.

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Relish 2
Photo: Relish & Sons

Since then, plenty of burger joints have popped up, following Relish’s lead. Now it seems you can get a burger just about anywhere in good ole Ho Chi Minh Ville, but the downside is they can vary in taste and consistency. Not at Relish & Sons. It’s safe to say these guys have withstood the test of time and, more importantly, our wooed tastebuds.


The Saigon Tattoo Expo 2018 is on Nov. 10 & 11. For more information, CLICK HERE


Relish D2 1
Photo: Relish & Sons District 2

At Relish & Sons they believe life is pretty rubbish without burgers, and it is really (we know, we experienced it before they came along). But it’s not all just about beef patties and bread buns. They’ve created a bunch of interesting sides, relishes and chutneys as well,  that deliver a home-style burger experience your fangin’ for. And in case you’re wondering about the beef, it’s all 100% Australian grass-fed.



District 1: 44 Dong Du

District 2: 105-107 Xuan Thuy

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Getting there from the Expo: 25 minutes by xe om or car to District 1 location depending on traffic

Promotion: 10% OFF your bill at both locations


Terms & Conditions:

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1. Available during the week of the Saigon Tattoo Expo (Nov. 6th to Nov.12th)

2. Not available with any other promotion, deal or special

3. Notify staff on arrival off your intention to claim the promotion

4. Show staff your Saigon Tattoo Expo ticket or VIP pass & check-in on the venue’s Facebook page

5. “Tag” & “Like” The Bureau Facebook page & share a photo!

6. Enjoy!


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