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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

With the amount of partying you’re likely to be doing during the week of the Saigon Tattoo Expo, we thought we’d be responsible hosts and offer you a promotion from one of the best pizza chains in Vietnam. So we deliver you Yellow Cab Pizza Co.!

30% OFF bill for dine-in, takeaway & delivery during Saigon Tattoo Expo!

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While Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is born and bred Filipino, their pizzas are classic — New York-style pizza classic — such as the Manhattan Meatlovers with bacon bits, ground beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham and salami. Their biggest size, the 18-incher, comes in at VND509,000.

Yellow Cab_1_Palumbo_1


The Saigon Tattoo Expo 2018 is on Nov. 10 & 11. For more information, CLICK HERE


Just minutes from the Saigon Tattoo Expo!

Then there’s the mouth-watering BBQ Chicken with chicken strips, red onions, coriander in hickory-smoked barbecue sauce, red onion, BBQ chicken and cilantro at just VND389,000 for 18-inches of sheer delight.

We’re stoked at The Bureau because we love pineapple on our pizza (shhh!) and Yellow Cab Pizza Co. hasn’t let us down with their 18-inch Hawaiian at just VND389,000.

Yellow Cab_2_Palumbo_2

Hailing Yellow Cab Pizza Co. means no being taken for a ride just to get your pizza. They’re offering 30% off bills of VND150,000 or more for dine-in, takeaway and delivery at all of their stores in Ho Chi Minh City!

Don’t forget there’s also pasta, chicken poppers, wedges, fries, garden salad and beers and soft drinks. Yellow Cab Pizza Co.’s nearest store to the Expo is on Bui Vien Street (backpacker area) just minutes away for dine-in, takeaway or delivery.




District 1: 40 Bui Vien, HCMC

District 7: 111 Nguyen Duc Canh, HCMC

Tan Binh District: 75 Dong Den, HCMC

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Getting there from the Expo: 25 minutes by xe om or taxi to Bui Vien store depending on traffic

Phone: 19002017

Promotion: 30% off total bill for Saigon Tattoo Expo attendees

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Available during the week of the Saigon Tattoo Expo

2. Applicable for Dine-in / Takeaway / Delivery

3. Minimum purchase required VND150,000

4. Cannot be combined with other Yellow Cab Pizza Co. promotions

5. Cannot be used in conjunction with other Yellow Cab Pizza Co. discount vouchers

6. Applicable at all Yellow Cab Pizza Co. stores in Ho Chi Minh City

7. Show staff your Saigon Tattoo Expo ticket & check-in on the venue’s Facebook page

8. “Tag” & “Like” The Bureau Facebook page & share a photo!

9. Enjoy!

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