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Playing Cupid

Playing Cupid

After receiving very positive feedback for our post earlier in the year about the Bonita Grand Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, we got motivated to find another one like it.

And we have.

But this one is even better.


Cupid Hotel in the city’s District 1 opened in early 2018 and has 35 rooms over four floors.

Each floor has a different theme, which includes a Japanese-inspired floor, and one in which each room is a different colour.


Rooms can be rented out hourly starting from VND100,000 (US$4.50) for the basic Superior Room type after 10pm, which has a double bed and bathroom.

If guests choose to stay longer, they enjoy 20% off the original room price for every subsequent hour stayed.

Plus, they can rent one cosplay outfit with a sex toy for free.


Nothing quite says love hotel like a jacuzzi, something of which the owners of Cupid are keenly aware.

When you make the commitment to step up a bracket (and floor), this is when the juices really start to flow.

The Deluxe Rooms include a jacuzzi, starting from VND150,000, with the same 20% off deal and ‘benefits’ as the much smaller Superior Rooms.


But the truly sensitive man knows that his lover should be treated to luxury every now and then.

That’s why they choose to dig a bit deeper and spend an extra VND20,000 (US$0.90) after 10pm for the Luxury Room, which not only has a jacuzzi, but also a sauna.

And don’t forget the 20% off tempter for an extra hour still applies with free cosplay outfit and sex toy.

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Wait! There’s more.

You didn’t think this place had a penthouse suite, did you? Well, it does.

For the ultimate in love hotel luxury, you can have the only Suite Room in the hotel for an hour at the price of a cocktail — VND200,000 (approx. US$9).

The Suite Room is plenty big enough for multiple couples and has a jacuzzi on the balcony in which you can take in the views of the area whenever you’re not busy beneath the sheets.

Unfortunately, while we were visiting, the Suite Room was fully engaged, so we aren’t able to bring you photos of that gem just yet.

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So would we stay here? Absolutely we would.

The hotel is new, clean and smells great. Cupid management is ahead of the game in Vietnam for this kind of stuff.

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The staff are professional (no giggles or knowing glances) and go the extra..err…length to ensure you have a great experience.

The downside?

When things get busy at the reception desk (which they do), you have to run the gauntlet of anxious guests when you check-in or check-out; there aren’t any discreet entrances or exits to avoid that walk of shame.

However, management is working to solve this problem with development underway of an online check-in system, which will reduce the amount of time guests will have to wait around in reception.


Other highlights include special events services. Your room can be decorated to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or perhaps even your divorce.

Every room has a complimentary box of goodies that includes condoms, vibrating rings, lube and other little assortments to fumble your way through during your stay.

Staff can also help organise in-room massages for some added relaxation.

Something that really sets this place apart from the other hotels we’ve visited, is its cleanliness. The towels and bedsheets are all outsourced to a laundry — not one stray of hair or dubious mark was witnessed during our inspection.

These guys really give love a good name.


Photos provided by Cupid Hotel

Additional photos by The Bureau

Cupid Hotel is at 2bis Nam Quoc Cang Street, District 1, HCMC. For more info, click here

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