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Bacon Martini

A cocktail with grunt

bar: Cafe de l’Opera    |    photoMIKE PALUMBO



Serving 1

50 ml Grey Goose vodka

20ml apple juice

15ml lime juice

15ml bacon syrup

Garnish: A rasher of bacon



1. Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker

2. Shake well

3. Pour into glass

4. Add garnish

Glassware: Coupe glass




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Location: Cafe de l’Opera is at the Caravelle Hotel, 19 Cong Truong, Lam Son, District 1, HCMC. 

Open: 7am till midnight

Happy Hour: 7pm till midnight — 30% off, excluding bottles of wine, champagne & spirits

More Info: Cafe de l’Opera



2 comments on “Bacon Martini

  1. Cameron Kraus

    What bacon syrup?!? Is that a thing? I want this!!

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