Keeping up tradition in Vietnam but with modern attitude. A wedding party sets off to the bride’s family home on Harley Davidson motorcycles 

words & photos: MATTHEW COWAN


If life is a highway, then why not ride it in style? Just north of the seaside holiday town of Mui Ne a little over 200km east of Ho Chi Minh City, we catch up with a wedding party chaperoning the groom on his way to tying the knot in his future wife’s home town. With his hog, he thee weds! 

North Mui Ne 22

North Mui Ne 23

North Mui Ne 24

North Mui Ne 25

North Mui Ne 27

North Mui Ne 12

North Mui Ne 14

North Mui Ne 15

North Mui Ne 16

North Mui Ne 13

North Mui Ne 20

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